Discover our range of considered, authentic and innovative sustainable fashion brands producing high quality eco friendly collections that take into account human, animal and environmental welfare. 


Sneakers with a green footprint.

WODEN is inspired by nature. Based on conscious attitudes about choice of materials and production, WODEN does everything possible to take good care of nature as we know it. For you, this means that synthetic materials are widely avoided in favour of genuine leather, suede, eco-friendly cork soles inside the shoe and outsoles crafted from a minimum of 10% recycled rubber. 

WODEN’s Nordic origin, Scandinavia, is the heart of the brand. In this context, WODEN innovatively incorporates new and Nordic material choices and technologies into its footwear production, while working as sustainably as possible.


Felt compelled to change their ways after seeing the destruction left by climate change and pollution, Paper London decided to be the positive change they wanted to see.

The collective mission that Paper London is invested in spans from supply chains to customers. The team invests in responsible manufacturing and taking time to source high-quality, sustainable fabrics that will look after not only your skin but our home, Planet Earth.




Built on humble principles, Mos Mosh knows that building a sustainable brand is an ongoing process that takes time, and a process they constantly need to evaluate and improve. 

The importance of protecting our planet’s resources, for a better production and a better tomorrow is essential for Mos Mosh. Believing in making clothes in impeccable quality that lasts, every single product is made with passion, love and heart.

In 2018, Mos Mosh set a goal to produce 89% of our garments within Europe and made it happen! This localised approached allowed the brand to work more closely with their factories, reducing transportation resources and their C02-footprint.



RAW by Raw strives to source the finest quality natural fibre fabrics from home and abroad. Sourcing only the finest quality fabric in wool, modal, silk and cotton from local Australian textiles houses and our amazing suppliers in Italy that employ the use of fine quality Australian Wool. 

Equally as is our company principle all fabrics are sourced from ethical and sustainable suppliers that employ environmentally friendly and sustainable methods in knitting, spinning and milling our fabrics/yarns.